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In my previous post, “We Should Be Committed”, I stated how much in love I was and that remains true.  My partner and I are stuck to one another like gum on the bottom of your shoe on a hot day in August.  We truly are two peas in a pod and I love her to death.  But sometimes I want to rip the phone cord out of the wall and wrap it tightly around her neck and strangle the: Sugar Honey Ice Tea out of her!

OMG!  Did I just say that out loud?  Well, figuretively speaking that is how I feel sometimes. You smell me?  Not really?  Well may be I’m out here on my own on this one.  Let me put it into perspective.  Remember in the first Die Hard movie starring Bruce Willis, when one of the “terrorists” that had been chasing John Mclane, enters the room and slams his A K rifle into this huge vase shattering it into infinitesimal pieces and  a woman says: “Wow that dude looks really pissed!” Then John’s wife, Holly  says: “John is still alive!”   Her terrified co-worker inquires: “How do you know for sure?”  Then Holly replies: “Because only John can drive someone that crazy!”  Well, let’s just say John Mclane and my precious Boo-Boo have something in common.

Unfortunately, some people may take me seriously when they read this post and report me but I’m keepin’ it real to an extent.  Ladies, if you don’t feel like bashing your boyfriend’s head in with a baseball bat sometimes, then you don’t love him!  Those are not my words.  That is a direct quote from my Boo-Boo’s book: “If You Don’t Feel Like Bashing Your Boyfriend’s Head in with a Baseball Bat Sometimes, Then You Don’t Love Him!” 

I’m just kidding folks.  But I truly believe that true love is galvanized by extreme pressure and not physical fights but a lot of emotional pounding from both you and your loved one.  Let’s be realistic, if you and your mate agree on every single issue without scrappin’ it out verbally, then you both need to be with someone else because you will never move forward.  Frederick Douglas said: “There is no progress without conflict.”  I believe that wholeheartedly.  So does my Boo-Boo.

Conclusively, I believe that you partner should compliment you not copy you.  Sometimes my ideas suck and make absolutely no sense at all and I need someone close to me to tell me the truth, not sometimes but every time.  My baby completes me.

On the other hand, when my girl goes shopping, not just for clothes, I mean shopping of any sort, she abandons all reason and logic.  It’s like I don’t even know who she is when we enter a store.  So, I often have to be that voice of reason she hears faintly in the distance and drag her back to reality.  At the end of the day, we make a good team, she and I.  We are going to fight to stay together even  if we have to fight ourselves.    For the official site click here

This is Love?

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“This is love?”  That was my first reaction when I felt that gaping whole in my stomach where my heart plummeted and shot out of my rectum like a meteor! Hmm… a meteor.  Yeah, that’s it! LOVE IS A METEOR! Who knows when its coming? Who the hell is gonna stop it when it gets here? Has SUPERMAN outsourced all of his superhero duties to China and India with all of the other job creators? 

So, where did this love come from? Will someone please tell me, who sent it? And why n’ the hell did it hit me? C’mon, think about it. If you were craving something sweet, you know what I’m talkin’ bout! Grabbed your keys and rushed outside right now, jumped into your Volkswagen and drove to Kroger to get ummmm…. some….I don’t know…….p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pumpkin pie or….yeah, pumpkin pie, in the the middle of rush hour, what are the chances love could happen to you?

With your luck, you catch every light, but you’re the model driver with no traffic violations or points on your license. So, you calmly apply your breaks, slowly exhale and start to relax when….VROOOMMMM! An all black pimped out Range Rover sittin’ on 22’s, blows past you and into the intersection followed by a barrage of loud horns and several expletives. Damn Rappers! You think to yourself and start to mumble a few expletives of your own when suddenly, a elderly nun in full garb, habit and all leans out the rear passenger window and flips the “bird” to me, the cars and the passengers behind her. You should be offended but you can barely restrain yourself from crackin’ the hell up ’til your sides hurt.

At that moment, the light changes and once irate crowd coolly cruise across the roadway. You do the same and turn into Kroger’s parking lot. Park. Get out and when you notice a group of kids wearing baseball caps with their jeans saggin’ with CDs in their hand trying to flag you down. So, you slyly make a B-line in the other direction and quickly avoid the mob. What do you care? You listen to Spotify anyway. Finally, walk into Kroger and head directly to the bakery not looking at anything else because you only have $4.27 for that p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pumkin pie. Toss your life savings at the cashier. Walk outside and then…. BAM! A “gangsta meteor” slams into your little black Beetle. Immediately, with the comedic timing of Chris Tucker all those bad ass kids scream i”Daaaaammm!”….in unison and start laughin’ in your face.

At best, you’re perturbed. Fate has been most unkind to you, then slowly a peaceful calm cascades over you face, you begin to grin and then you ask yourself:”You know how long that heat rock’s been on a crash course to crush your ride and change your life?” Considering the fact that you have no ride, no money, no appetite for no dam p-p-p-p-p-p-p-pumpkin pie and no idea what to do next cuz u got NO RIDE home, you’re feeling pretty good.


Well, on the other hand, there’s a possibility that rock might be of some use. How much do you think somebody is going to pay you for that rock when it cools? Huh? Yessir! You feel like that meteor is the best thing that ever happened to you. Sound familiar?

Now your on the news everyday. Everybody wants to hear your story. The state lottery signed you to a 1yr contract to be their spokesperson. The chances of getting struck by lightning 3 times are minuscule when you compare that to having a meteor demolish YO HOOPTIE! It’s all good! Life is good!. Life is really, really good, for now.

A week or so later, on a day when you thought life couldn’t get any better, the government shows up on your doorstep and politely request to ask you a few questions. Before you know it, special agents intervene, confiscate the rock for some tests and then issue a statement claiming that it was not a meteor but a by product of a top secret experiment being done on weather manipulation.(puts a different slant on the term M-E-T-E-O-R-ologist Hmmmmm.

Wow! Now, there goes the lottery contract. And you are now part of a government conspiracy investigation due to your involvement in the “hoax”. Yup! That’s love! NOW WHAT?

Fortunately, after the kicking and screaming has ceased, “clarity” bursts into the room like the DEA in a raid on a meth lab, yelling: “FREEZE!” Then quietly whispers: “balance, balance. ”

“Hello McFly?” A love that is true and meant for you consists of balance. Most importantly, real love is a journey of valleys, peaks, mountains and plains. This is the universal dynamic of exchange between you and that special someone.

As a result, the beauty that emerges, manifests into love. You see, love is miraculous as well as tragic. How fun would your favorite roller coaster be if it went up and never came down? Without a doubt, that would suck big time. If that same analogy were true of my recreational drug use years ago, I would not be sober enough to have the magnificent epiphany I am basking in this very moment. While, I’m at it, to be honest, if my addiction experience consisted of “highs” and “highs” only, I definitely wouldn’t be able to share this lesson with you. Or anything else for that matter.

Forgive me. I digress.

For some time now, I’ve been looking at love differently. When I envision it now, see it as a tree, in the early stages of growth, isolated in the middle of the Mojave Desert If you would, please picture that just for an uninterrupted solitary moment. Next, apply the laws of nature to it just like a tree. We all know, in order for the love/tree to grow properly, we first must dig a hole. Next, you plant a seed. Then, if you’re lucky, I mean really lucky and you make it that far, you gotta expose it to sunshine and rain.

Now here lies the delicate “balance” that sometimes renders love helpless suspended in a fragile state. Its imperative fir you to proceed with caution and gently sustain, “here it is again: ‘balance.'”. Understand! Too much of one and not enough of the other, will undoubtedly result in its destruction.

Believe me, it doesn’t happen to everyone every time. Some of us are more fortunate than others. But when your tree begins to grow, you just cant sit back and watch it. You must maintain it by manicuring and pruning it. This requires patience and commitment.

Congratulations, you have made it to the crucial juncture where many have fail because we are “moving too fast to engage ourselves” and commit to something of this magnitude. Indeed, love must be cherished not because of how wonderful it can make us feel, but because of how rare it is to find and evade the eminent possibility of loosing it.

It is here, at this point of love’s development, that the “haters” emerge and repeatedly remind you that love is a four-letter word. Although these unhappy clowns are persistent and relentless in their efforts to discourage, I never waver, I embrace love and submerge myself in its essence. I know that it is the most complicated word in our language because it can only be defined by itself. Worse than that, love is defined by each individual differently. I love it still.

Luckily, the absolute most endearing revelation I’ve been blessed to experience, was on my wedding day. Shhhh. (whispering) The first one. Just before I walked up to the alter, my mother took me by the hand and whispered into my ear: “Love is a verb not a noun.” I didn’t get it then. And it’s obvious because that marriage ended in divorce eight years later. In spite of my shortcomings then, I get it now. When you find that special someone, it is absolutely in your best interest to be proactive if you want a love that endures.

Whew! I’m getting a little misty-eyed so I will end this tirade and “put the man in the ground” as my mother would say. Ultimately, living life without mystery and needing to know everything is quite obnoxious. Life is imperfect, unpredictable and chaotic. These attributes are essential to its mystique.

Of course, there lies its beauty and the lessons we need to mature. Fear is the opposite of love and not knowing is the infatuation that sparks the towering inferno every human being longs to consume them. Kind of sadistic ain’t it?  For the official site click here




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God, the Universe and the Grain of Sand

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Hubble 3D IMAX

Hubble 3D IMAX

Surely by now, the general principles of the universe can be explained and understood by someone other than a physicist. Earlier this year, I had the privilege of hearing a short, concise description of the basic dynamics of the universe. When I heard these principles explained succinctly, I was amazed. Yeah it felt good to understand it, but I only understood it because I had heard it before.

Hubble 3 D IMAX

Hubble 3 D IMAX

In short, the universe is made up of energy.  This energy cannot be created or destroyed.  Therefore, energy has always existed and it always will. At this juncture, the speaker explained the concept of time and space as being a part of the same fabric. Essentially, you cannot have one without the other.  For instance,  if you and a friend made plans to meet for dinner, most likely, you would declare a time and a place. So, they are interdependent.

Doc16 DLHC

Hubble 3D IMAX

Most importantly, the Big Bang Theory traces the universe and a particular expression this energy to a timeless and motionless state simply called the singularity, as in “one”.  For the most part, that is the basis of it all.  Apparently, this concept is simple enough to be explained and understood by most of our followers.  However, the last part is the far more fascinating so I will quote directly.  He states:

There is no time in the singularity, therefore there is no space in the  singularity. Without space and time, there can be no separation or individuation. Therefore energy cannot be separated from the Singularity, it cannot be broken up or divided in any way. It is a unified, monolithic field,  with no boundaries. This is the eternal and omnipresent root of the universe.”

Hubble 3 D IMAX

Technological advancements have provided man with the means to extend his reach and explore  more of his extended environment.  As one beams upon  the universe,  staring vibrant colors, the infinite darkness and sheer vastness of space, their image of self is dwarfed in its shadow.  Over a year ago, my wife and I went to see the Hubble 3D IMAX and we were blown away.  We agreed, it was like seeing God here on earth.  It was an amazing experience that only left me asking more questions.  I guess you could say God is mind boggling.  Think about it, what we we have seen in the universe is amazing, but is there a plan?  What could be the purpose for it all?  By the way, be careful when questioning God’s plans.  He has a sense of humor and if you’re paying attention, you will definitely get an answer.

Hubble 3D IMAX

Hubble 3D IMAX

Now, if you want to interrogate God about His plans and try to understand Him, my Mama would definitely love to tell you a thing or two.   For instance, when I was young,  there were times when our family was highly anticipating something good and positive to happen, but did not, without fail, my Mama would always say: “God has a plan.  He knows what He’s doing. Let Him do his thing.”  I think I said something like: ” His thing?  What thing?  I don’t understand what He is trying to do!”  One time, she was really perturbed by my litany of questions, she abruptly turned and shouted: “If God was small enough to be understood would not be large enough to be worshiped!”  Needless to say, I never forgot it.

Hubble 3D IMAX

Hubble 3D IMAX

Shortly after the movie began and the Hubble hurled through space snappin’ flicks like a paparazzo, I  was immersed in the the unfathomable density of space and the magnanimity of God!  I felt about as small as a grain of sand on Miami Beach.  Almost immediately, all of my wants, wishes and worries dissipated.  I was absolutely certain that whether or not my favorite diner would have Tres Leche Cake that evening, paled in comparison to the centillion other things happening throughout the universe.  I’m not saying those other things are more important than, that Tres Leche Cake! That’s not the point.  I mean don’t get it twisted.  Tres Leche is DA BOMB!  No Doubt.  But the point is, it’s not all about me.

Hubble 3 D IMAX

Hubble 3 D IMAX

While I was gawking at the humungous IMAX screen, I was reminded of how small and insignificant we really are.  This is common.  At some point in our lives, we have all questioned our relevancy and felt the world wouldn’t miss a beat without us.  Yet, more than 2/3’s of society spends the better part of their day trying to convince themselves otherwise.  In my opinion, periodical bouts of self-grandeur are warranted.  Then again, some people take it a little too far.  I am not suggesting everyone should get in the habit of laughing hysterically at their reflection in the mirror every morning.  I’m only expressing the opinion that some people take themselves too seriously.

Hubble 3D IMAX

Hubble 3D IMAX

Currently, our culture purports that I, ME and MINE are all that matters. Unfortunately, this “attitude” is perceived as a prerequisite for success and has been adopted by large portion of our population.  Still, in the deepest darkest caverns of their soul, the truth is, in the grand scheme of the universe we are  a minute portion of “matter” which encapsulates  the doorway to infinite possibilities.

Comparatively, man’s thoughts are merely small pieces of a larger puzzle, no matter how intelligent he think he may be.  Like Chief Seattle said: “Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”   Let’s consider the amount of intelligence it took to design and implement all of the functions needed for the Hubble Telescope to operate and at its best, basically, it can only take a photo.  For those who need to sober up, here’s some irony.  It’s an eye opener.  For an illustration, when you view a entities as massive, complex and beautiful as the ones depicted here, suddenly, the words myopic and minuscule have a “larger” meaning.

Hubble 3 D IMAX

Hubble 3 D IMAX

Certainly, we are capable of feats that far exceed our imagination.  Nonetheless , we are flawed and sadly, some times man be self-defeating.  Given that, he seldom commits himself to the level required to complete what he has begun.  This is illustrated best by how much man has not achieved.  A point often overlooked, is that a failure to commit will surely result in a failure. Indeed, commitment is a major tenant of success.  Many are privy to this core principle, as should be expected.  However, man has been conditioned to expect failure so frequently, he has learned to welcome it with open arms. Not only is this “dis-ease” problematic, it should not be encouraged by his peers.


Hubble 3 D IMAX

Of course, a man should be respectful of himself as well as his aspirations.   It is highly unlikely, the individuals routinely referred to as failures did not deliberately fail repeatedly, simply for the sake of being labeled.  The reason man struggles to commit is as evident as it is simple.  Distractions manifest themselves in many forms, but for the most part, there are too many things to do in life barring ample time to do them.


Hubble 3D IMAX

Hubble 3D IMAX

Contrary to what has subtly been suggested throughout this text, by design, man is neither foolish nor is he self destructive.  Understandably, a quick glimpse any given time, in anyone’s life, those attributes may appear to be appropriate.  To put it bluntly, our time here is brief.  We only come to go. That is the finite condition that plagues us as mortals.


Hubble 3 D IMAX

While that may be true, the fact that occasionally, we forget that we are also one of God’s magnificent creations designed in His image is also true.  Since our external attributes are modest compared to the visuals displayed in this post, then image and greatness of God must lay deep within.  So, while we’re here, we should surrender to the Creator’s wondrous spirit within and appreciate all He has given us.

I know and no man can deny the end is blatantly imminent  Therefore we should succumb, submit and become subservient to something other than instant gratification and over self-indulgence.   At this point of my life’s journey, it is apparent, it would benefit me greatly if I put forth more effort, obtained more focus and expressed more humility, I might exceed even the greatest expectations.   Consequently, I may see God again as I did during the Hubble 3D IMAX.  In fact, I may even see Him in myself.  For the official site click here


Hubble 3 D IMAX

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