Deception is a lady with a sword!

I had something entirely different planned to present today but this morning my Boo-Boo and I got into this deep ‘discussion’.  It was not as deep as the stab wound you see here on the left but fairly intense.   So this post was inspired by a ‘discussion’ about fidelity.  Not in the sense of love and relationships, but in the business world.  I was reviewing a contract proposal from a publishing house that has considered to publish my work.  After all the fanfare and excitement, I sat down and read the contract every day for a week.   I came away from the experience with a new comprehension of the term ‘breech of contract’.  Then I started thinking.  Why would anyone want to be involved in a contract with someone if they had no intention of honoring the terms?

Let me put the importance and severity of this idea into context.  When I was married many years ago, I was unfaithful.  I absolutely did not respect the contract and its terms or I NEVER WOULD HAVE CHEATED!  No disrespect to my former wife or any other woman who has been involved with a man who cheats, but it’s not just about respecting your mate or the terms of your agreement.  It is most definitely about respecting yourself!

In business, how would your peers and co-workers in your industry look upon a collegue if  he/she had the notorious reputation for being an individual who did not do what he or she had agreed to do?  How would that same reputation, if attatched to you, affect your success.  Most importantly, how would it affect your self -image?

On a daily basis, we verbally bash and sometimes impeach civil servants and public officials, if we even speculate they are lying, being dishonest or lack transparency.  Isn’t your committment to your mate more important than your committment to ousting a corrupt politician?

In short, what message are you sending to yourself when you enter into an agreement that you have no intention to uphold and subsequently are fully aware that you will breech it?  TO CHEAT OR NOT TO CHEAT? THAT IS DECEPTION because it should not even be an option!  Not if you RESPECT yourself it shouldn’t.  And if you don’t respect yourself, how can you love yourself or anyone else for that matter?

This great discovery arrived when I knew I needed to improve as a person.  The first thing one must do to improve is feel good about oneself.  In order to do that, I had to be a man of my word on every level.  I am still working on that.  I have not mastered this by any means but I am better that I was.  I believe when you cheat, on your mate, on your taxes or in any event or project that bears your name or presence, you discredit yourself.

While I was still basking in the glow of my deeply inciteful revelation, a STILL, SMALL VOICE spoke to me.  It said: “EXACTLY”.  At that moment I knew that in order for me to advance my life spiritually and ultimately find peace, I needed to honor every letter of every word  of every contract that I agreed to.  In the words of the great Tony Montana: “All I have in this world is my word and my balls and I don’t break them for nobody!”. 

After reading this, it should be obvious what true integrity is.  Some may still choose to cheat and that is their business.  No one is without fault.  But if you cheat in any way shape or form, in the end the only  cloak of deception that truly exist is the one you have woven for yourself.  For the official site click here



  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write ups thanks once

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